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CONTENIDO: p.xxxv Acknowledgments – p.xxxvii Hello – p.1 In the Beginning, There Is the Designer – p.9 The Designer Creates an Experience – p.25 The Experience Takes Place in a Venue – p.33 The Experience Rises Out of a Game – p.49 The Game Consists of Elements – p.57 The Elements Support a Theme – p.69 The Game Begins with an Idea – p.89 The Game Improves through Iteration – p.115 The Game Is Made for a Player – p.133 The Experience Is in the Player’s Mind – p.147 The Player’s Mind Is Driven by the Player’s Motivation – p.157 Some Elements Are Game Mechanics – p.201 Game Mechanics Must Be in Balance – p.239 Game Mechanics Support Puzzles – p.253 Players Play Games through an Interface – p.279 Experiences Can Be Judged by Their Interest Curves – p.295 One Kind of Experience Is the Story – p.317 Story and Game Structures Can Be Artfully Merged with Indirect Control -- p.335 Stories and Games Take Place in Worlds – p.345 Worlds Contain Characters – p.367 Worlds Contain Spaces – p.383 The Look and Feel of a World Is Defined by Its Aesthetics – p.393 Some Games Are Played with Other Players – p.399 Other Players Sometimes Form Communities – p.413 The Designer Usually Works with a Team – p.425 The Team Sometimes Communicates through Documents – p.433 Good Games Are Created through Playtesting – p.449 The Team Builds a Game with Technology – p.463 Your Game Will Probably Have a Client – p.471 The Designer Gives the Client a Pitch – p.485 The Designer and Client Want the Game to Make a Profit – p.499 Games Transform Their Players – p.517 Designers Have Certain Responsibilities – p.523 Each Designer Has a Purpose – p.527 Goodbye – p.529 Endnotes – p.543 Bibliography – p.547 Index.

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