Raymond Foery

Maryland: Scarecrow Press, 2012


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CONTENIDO: p. ix Prologue: Over the Atlantic and Down the Thames – p.1 Hitchcock in 1970: The Lion in Waiting – p.7 Property Values: The Hitchcock Standards and the First “Frenzy” 7 – p.13 Working with Writers: Hitchcock and the Preparation of the Scenario – p.19 Working with Another Sleuth: Hitchcock and Anthony Shaffer – p.32 Brief Intertitle: Looking for a Lost London – p.36 Cattle Calls: Ruminating over a Cast – p.47 The Thirteen-Week Production: Mornings and Afternoons on the Set – p.69 Shooting the Signature Sequences, Part I: Hitchcock as a Master of Montage – p.83 Shooting the Signature Sequences, Part II: Hitchcock as the Master of Mise-en-Scene and the Moving Camera – p.99 Brief Intertitle: Looking for a Lost Partner; or, “Hitchcock in Love” – p.103 Adventures in Postproduction – p.111 Releasing the Film: Creating a Frenzy around Frenzy – p.119 Critical Acclaim and Box-Office Redemption – p.128 The Response from the Academy – p.136 Hitchcock and Women, Hitch and His Women – p.144 Forty Years Later – p.153 Postscript: Becoming Sir Alfred – p.157 Appendix A: Frenzy Cast and Crew – p.159 Appendix B: Frenzy Scene List – p.167 Appendix C: The Entire Continuity Sheet for September 8, 1971 – p.171 Appendix D: Frenzy Final List of Sequences – p.175 Works Cited – p.181 Index.

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