David Prakel Lausanne: AVA Publishing, 2012 - Disponible en: Recursos Digitales - CONTENIDO: Composition is one of the fundamental principles of photography, and Composition demonstrates exactly why this is. Inside you’ll find loads of ‘before and after’ colour examples that demonstrate how composition technique can improve your images no end. The book’s author covers all methods for improving composition in a photo, from form, shape and perspective, to frames, colour and texture. What’s great about the book is that you could learn an awful lot by just looking at the images – this is always a sign of a good manual. Having said that, the text itself is very interesting, giving full background to every theory. The reason why this book works so well is that it focuses on getting your image right before you push the shutter button. It would have been so easy to concentrate on perfecting an image using editing software but not so good if you don’t. However, this title only assumes you own a camera, so anyone will find it useful.


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