709.8501/CH31 Peter Fux Zurich: Scheidegger & Spiess, 2013 - Disponible en: Javier Prado - CONTENIDO: p.7 Foreword -- p.8 Acknowledgments -- p.11 Introduction -- p.13 The Concept of the “Complex Society” in the Archaelogy of the New Word -- p.21 What is Chavín? -- 25 Archaeology on the Coastal Desert: Riverine Oases, Agri-Culture, and Ritual Cohesion -- p.27 Introduction -- p.29 The first Settlers and Societies -- p.41 Early Cultural Developments in the Southern Andes -- p.51 Formative Period Ceremonial Centers in the Northern and Central Coastal Regions -- p.61 The Cultural History of the Lambayeque Region on the North Coast of Peru During the Formative Period -- p.71 Early Monumentalism in the Central Andes: The Origins of Monumental Architecture in the Casma Valley -- p.85 Archaeology in the Highlands-Innovation an Dynamism -- p.87 Introduction -- p.89 The First Post-Ice Age Settlement Communities in the Central Andean Highlands -- p.99 The Diversity and Vitality of Early Ceremonial Centers in t he Northern Highlands -- p.115 Chavín de Huántar-Discovery, Art, Architecture, Ritual, and Transformation -- p.117 Introduction -- p.119 The Discovery of the Temple and Early Attempts at Interpretation -- p.127 The Art of Chavín – Precursors and Early Development -- p.151 Architecture and Ritual Space an Chavín de Huántar -- p.167 Religion and Authority at Chavín de Huántar -- p.177 Religious Rituals in Chavín and their Supraregional Significance -- p.189 Inspiration from Afar-Periphery an Legacy of Formative Period Innovations -- p.191 Introduction -- p.193 The Ecuadorian Formative Period -- p.201 The Moche- Heirs of the Formative Period on the North Coast and the Rebirth of the Old Gods -- p.207 The Legacy of the Formative Period: Nasca -- p.213 Notes -- p.217 Catalogue -- p.218 Handcrafted Objects for the Early, Middle, and Late Formative Periods -- p.272 The Graves of Kuntur Wasi -- p.314 The Sculptures of Chavín de Huántar -- p.334 The Pututus (Conch-Shell Trumpets) of Chavín -- p.340 The Finds form the Ofrendas Gallery -- p.372 Paracas and Moche: Periphery and Legacy of Formative Period Innovations -- p.391 Glossary -- p.394 Bibliography -- p.405 Credits


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