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Shanghai: Chois Publishing, 2013


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CONTENIDO: p.08 Fantasy -- p.70 Modern -- p.180 Nature -- p218. Pop.

This book provides an abundance of eye candy for those interested in fashion, merchandising, window displays and art installation. Fashion Window Shopping showcases the most creative and unconventional retail shop window designs and merchandising from around the world. Featured throughout the book are displays from department stores such as Barneys, Liberty of London, Topshop and Macys, as well as luxury brands Herms, Prada, Chopard, and Duchamp London. Not to be outdone, High Street stores Banana Republic, Uniqlo, Toms and smaller boutique shops provide equally inspiring work. The highly curated examples are marked by extraordinary visual inventiveness and functionality. The visual imagery is accompanied by text explaining the idea, construction, and execution of the window displays, which proves helpful to those looking to entice new customers. Fashion Window Shopping is a brilliant combination of fashion and design that puts originality at the forefront.

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