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David Ogilvy

s.l.: s.n., 1985


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CONTENIDO: p.7 Overture -- p.9 how to produce advertising that sell -- p.31 Jobs in advertising - and how to get them -- p.45 How to run an advertising agency -- p. 58 How to get clients -- p.66 Open letter to a client in search of an agency -- p.70Wanted: a renaissance in print advertising -- p.103 How to make TV commercials that sell -- p.117 Advertising corporation -- p.127 How to advertise foreign travel -- p.137 The secrets of success in business-to-business advertising -- p.143 Direct mail, my first love and secret weapon -- p.150 Advertising for good causes -- p.155 Competing with Procter & Gamble -- p.158 MIravles of research -- p. 167 What little know

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